THE HUNGRY VEGAN is a docu-series that takes a fresh look at the growing global trend towards veganism. The series explores the history of veganism across the world and the wide ranging reasons people are going vegan, all while showing new and exciting dishes and recipes. 

THE HUNGRY VEGAN will take the hunt for veganism around the world, exploring the attitudes, politics, traditions, and history of veganism in other cultures, countries, and societies—while also getting a taste of truly delicious vegan food along the way. Traveling through AMSTERDAM, PRAGUE, LONDON, and VIENNA, we speak to health experts, historians, food bloggers, chefs, and sociologists about veganism and how it became what it is today, sampling vegan takes on local dishes—Vegan Viennese Schnitzel anyone?!

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Lyndsey Woods - Presenter, Producer 

Lyndsey is a freelance television journalist most recently presenting for the BBC TRAVEL SHOW . While earning her MA in Television Journalism from City University, London, the documentary she produced, MY PARENTAL PAIN, was shortlisted for a MIND Student Film Award. Last year Lyndsey produced a social media documentary  #HOWTOBEABADB*TCH, which is currently being developed for Channel 4 in the UK. Lyndsey's passion for environmentalism led her to create THE HUNGRY VEGAN. When this native Angelino is not talking about veganism, she's posting her favorite recipes and food spots around Los Angeles and beyond!