#HowToBeaBadBitch examines the new phenomenon that is the “Instagram Model,” and the idea of “Insta-fame” within the platforms largest category, beauty. This piece gives aspiring “Instagram Models” insight on how to gain more followers and monetize their feed, but it also exposes how advertisers continue to perpetuate the same ideals of beauty and body image. 

#HowToBeaBadBitch is the first of a series of pieces that explore social media, its place in our social media obsessed world, and what the real world repercussions of living life online might be in the 21st century. Delving into the current controversy and issues being faced by different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Tumblr, the episodes will all have a current affairs edge.  All of these shows would be connected through the hashtag #FromURLtoIRL

Meet Our Influencers

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Producer-Writer Lyndsey Woods
Producer Natalie Mason
Director Chelsea Woods
Director of Photography Marianne Williams


Lyndsey Woods - Writer, Producer

Lyndsey is a television journalist working as a freelance presenter for the BBC Travel Show. Lyndsey is a graduate of Syracuse University where she majored in Communication and Rhetorical Studies. While at Syracuse, she began thinking critically about news media and the future of journalism in the digital age, became involved with campus publications and eventually the university television station. Lyndsey also has a Master's in Television Journalism from City University London.  She is currently producing her first documentary series, How To Be a Bad Bitch with two kick ass, incredibly talented women.



Natalie Mason - Producer

Based in London with a work trail through the Middle East and Europe, Natalie Mason is a filmmaker and broadcast journalist. Starting out as a Virgin Radio presenter, she is plugged into youth culture. Her documentaries with young people enter the worlds of action sports, art, fashion, gaming and homelessness. 


Chelsea Woods - Director

Chelsea is a writer-director from Los Angeles, CA with a passion for connecting the world through the medium of film. She is a graduate of The University of Chicago, where her thesis film, Elevated, received honors. She began her career in film and television working on director Ava DuVernay's second feature film, Middle of Nowhere. She continued to work in production on television shows including Touch, Criminal Minds and Jane the Virgin. In 2015, Chelsea was one of the ten participants of AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women where she wrote and directed Fog